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    Sell Your Assets With Smith Broughton 

    Smith Broughton Auctioneers has a database of qualified national and international industrial equipment buyers so vendors equipment is exposed to the global marketplace. 

    If you have equipment that you no longer have a use for, consider selling via auction through Smith Broughton Auctioneers. All that is required is to upload the details and images of your assets using the form below and a sales representative will be in contact with you. 

    Sell Construction Equipment Online 

    Smith Broughton Auctioneers are online auction specialists for used construction equipment and machinery. Our advanced auction expertise and industry experience put us in a position to create an auction campaign to sell your equipment for maximum gain. Some construction equipment we sell at our online auctions include dozers, loaders, agitators and more. Visit our construction equipment page to find out more. 

    Sell Used Industrial Equipment 

    Wondering where to sell your used industrial equipment? Smith Broughton can help you sell your used equipment online to an appropriate buyer at a great price. Some of the heavy industrial equipment and machinery we sell at our online auctions include, forklift loaders, excavators and more. To find out more about how you can sell your used industrial equipment & heavy machinery, visit our heavy equipment page now.

    Sell Used Farm Equipment  

    Are you looking to offload some used farm equipment? Smith Broughton can help you get the best possible price for your used farm equipment and machinery. As experts in farm equipment and machinery auctions, we use our knowledge to help you get the most out of the sales and returns on your equipment. Some of the farm equipment and machinery we sell includes harvesters, tractors, mowers, slashers and more. Visit our farm equipment page for information on how to sell your farm machinery at Smith Broughton today.  

    Sell Used Machinery FAQs

    The Auction process takes around 3-4 weeks. To maximise your sales result/s we recommend including the items you wish to sell in our standard two week advertising and marketing campaign prior to auction which is inclusive of our commission structure. The online timed auction runs for 7 days and payment will be processed within 21 days of the auction closing time. Smith Broughton will allocate a dedicated sales representative who will manage your assets, account and will assist in facilitating inspections and answering enquiries from potential buyers throughout the marketing campaign and also during the auction. 

    Smith Broughton Auctioneers have options available to help you dispose of your existing machinery. Please get in touch with one of our friendly team members today. 

    Please communicate with us when you are intending to deliver your equipment to any of our auction sites. A sales representative may be able to provide you with recommendations for third-party transport saving you the hassle of delivering any equipment yourself. 

    Yes. Photography is part of the asset/s booking process and is also used in marketing and advertising campaigns. 

    Yes. Some requirements relating to the safety status and transport of your asset/s. If you are unsure if you can sell your equipment at our online auction, please consult with a sales representative to discuss this further. 

    Proof of ownership is required along with any licensing or certification documents. We conduct compulsory Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) checks on all assets that have an identification or serial number. 

    Smith Broughton Auctioneers are the leaders of Industrial remarketing in Western Australia. Established in 1977, our extensive team of industry professionals are committed to maximising sale efficiencies and returns on your equipment while providing a modern and comprehensive platform for buyers to search for and purchase plant and equipment. We have over 45 years’ experience and trusted expertise in understanding our clients’ needs and the evolving market cycles. Get in touch with the team and Smith Broughton today.