Buying Guide

Simple steps to get started!

1. Register

To purchase any assets at our auctions, you must register. You can register here, or any time via the online auctions page. You will need a few details to register such as name, email, company (optional), and address. You will be required to create a password for your account. Our terms and conditions as well as privacy policy are available for you to review.

2. Email Confirmation

Once registered, our admin team will approve your account. Once approved, you will receive an email notification.

3. Auction

Once registered and your registration has been confirmed you are able to bid on live auctions. All online timed auctions run for 7 days in which you are able to bid at any time.

4. Request to bid

Once you have found an asset that you would like to place a bid on, select the option ‘request to bid’. This will ask you to log into your account and will also display the Terms and Conditions relating to that particular auction

5. Place Bid

Select button ‘place bid’ next to the asset you are interested in. This will give you the option to type in the amount you would like to bid. Once you have inputted the amount, select place bid.

6. Watchlist

If you would like to ‘watch’ an item, under the button ‘place bid’ there is blue text ‘add to watchlist’. Select ‘add to watchlist’. At the top of the page you will see an eye icon. Select the eye and you will see all watchlisted items.

7. Technical Support

If something goes wrong unexpectedly, please contact our technical support team on 1300 667 153.

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