Wondering where to sell your used construction equipment and machinery? Smith Broughton Auctioneers have been in the business of industrial auctions for more than 40 years and are dedicated to ensuring you get the best possible price for your used assets. Delivering excellent customer service and impressive returns on your construction equipment and machinery, we have become a respected name across Perth and Australia.

As online auction specialists for used construction equipment and machinery, we apply both our knowledge of industrial products and our advanced auction expertise to sell your assets for maximum gain. Some of the construction equipment and machinery we accept to sell includes dozers, loaders, agitators and more.

Selling Used Construction Equipment with Smith Broughton

At Smith Broughton Auctioneers, we have three major auction platforms available to sell your equipment. Our platform options include a timed online auction, and an expression of interest (EOI). Each sales platform includes promotional marketing that is tailored to best suit the specific platform chosen. Timed online auctions often include promotional emails to our contact database and display advertising, while any equipment and machinery at our on-site auctions will be presented as a feature item for our events.

You can also opt to have a reserved or unreserved auction that permits you to either set a reserve price for your equipment or, in an unreserved auction, simply take the price offered by the highest bidder. Additionally, we also offer guaranteed minimum return and outright purchase options. When you look to sell your construction equipment with Smith Broughton Auctioneers, we’ll help you figure out which selling option is best for you.

Sell Your Used Industrial Equipment & Machinery Today

If you’re looking to sell your used industrial equipment and heavy machinery, trust the professional buyers at Smith Broughton Auctioneers. Our team know the best approach to selling your used equipment and machinery so that you can maximise your returns. To find out more information, get in touch with us on (08) 9374 9222 today.