Selling Guide

Selling with Smith Broughton Auctioneers couldn’t be easier! 

1. Initial Contact

To initiate the process, reach out to Smith Broughton Auctioneers. Call us at (08) 9374 9222 or complete the sell form available under the ‘Sell’ tab. Ensure you have the following information ready:

– Asset you would like to sell
– Information about the asset including year, make, model and registration if applicable.
– Images of the item (if available)
– Contact details

2. Delivery

A Sales representative from Smith Broughton Auctioneers will be in touch to assist in coordinating the transportation of the consignment to our yard or, if preferred, make on-site arrangements. It is important to note that the responsibility for organizing and overseeing the transport lies with the seller.

3. Contract

After discussions with our Sales Representative, a crucial step in the process involves signing a contract that outlines and agrees to the terms and conditions of the sale. During these discussions, our Sales Representative will elaborate on the various selling options available, including Reserved, Unreserved, Guaranteed Minimum Returns (GMR), and Expression of Interest (EOI) offerings. 

4. Consignments

The machinery undergoes a documentation process, where it is photographed, described in detail, and systematically categorized to ensure information for potential buyers. Each piece of machinery is then assigned a unique consignment number and then allocated to an upcoming auction.

5. Sale Period

Prospective buyers actively participate in the auction process by completing registration and submitting competitive bids for the machinery throughout the designated auction period. Alternatively, an additional avenue is provided for sellers, where they have the option to consider offers through an Expression of Interest (EOI) within an agreed-upon timeframe. 

6. Sold

Once the auction concludes, successful buyers initiate the necessary procedures for the transfer and transport of the acquired machinery. Payments are processed, with buyers fulfilling their financial obligations within the required time frame. This phase successfully completes transition of ownership and financial transactions.

7. Paying out Encumbrances

At Smith Broughton Auctioneers, we prioritize transparency and accountability. When an asset is under finance or encumbrance during payout, we request a payout letter to ensure a smooth ownership transition. We take prompt steps to meet financial requirements, ensuring purchasers experience a seamless transfer of ownership.

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