What are the operation hours of the yard?

Our yard is open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 4.30pm for pick ups and drop offs.

Does your yard have loading facilities?

Yes, our yard has forklifts and yard staff to assist with loading your goods onto your truck.

Do you have an entrance for trucks?

There is a pickup and drop off entry at our main entrance on Military Road.

How do I collect my purchased goods?

Firstly, all purchased goods you are required to be paid in full prior to collection. Once goods are paid for you will be required to come to reception, provide your sale number and buyer code. Our admin staff will approve your goods for collection and from there our yard staff will assist yourself in loading the goods onto your vehicle.

What if I cannot collect my purchased goods?

If you are unable to collect your purchased goods you are required to complete a pick up authorisation form. This form is sent with your invoice, along with a copy on our website under forms.

I require my purchase to be measured; can Smith Broughton assist in measuring the asset?

Smith Broughton is able to provide yourself with measurements for transportation. All measurement requests are to be sent through our contact form

Can I freely inspect assets around the yard? Am I required to wear Personal Protective Equipment?

Smith Broughton allows you to freely inspect assets, however all visitors are required to sign in at reception along with wearing enclosed footwear and high visual vests. We provide all visitors with hi-vis vests.
Due to work safety standards if you are in open footwear you must be accompanied by a sales rep and will be driven in a golf buggy.