How can I sell something through Smith Broughton Auctioneers?

The terms of selling an asset through Smith Broughton Auctioneers depend on a number of factors. Visit our homepage, select the ‘Sell’ tab found at the top of the page. Complete the sell form and one of our friendly sales representatives will be in touch to discuss the sales process.

What can Smith Broughton do for me?

Smith Broughton has been in business since 1977, taking pride in a reputation built of professionalism and integrity. Our focus is on developing long term relationships with our sellers and buyers and providing them with beneficial results every time.

Our experienced staff work closely with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome and are flexible in providing the right disposal option to suit your circumstances.

We conduct a significant marketing campaign prior to each auction to ensure maximum buyer awareness.

We also broadcast all major auctions online ensuring global buyers have access to your equipment on sale day.

What are my asset realisation options?

Smith Broughton can offer a range of flexible asset realisation options including:

– Traditional Consignment Sales
– Guaranteed Minimum Returns
– Outright Purchase
– Customised Auction Solution

What does guaranteed minimum return mean?

For selected items, Smith Broughton may offer you a GUR or Guarantee, where we guarantee the amount your equipment will receive at auction. If the auction value does not meet the guarantee, Smith Broughton will pay the difference.

What does ‘Unreserved’ mean?

An item that is unreserved means that there is no figure, or reserve, the item must receive before selling. No matter what the bid, the item will sell to the highest bidder.

What does ‘Reserved’ mean?

An item that is reserved means that there is a figure the item must receive before selling.

What am I required to provide Smith Broughton if I wish to sell my asset on consignment?

Smith Broughton Pty Ltd requires you to sign a Consignment contract, which our staff will discuss and provide to yourself. If the asset is licensed we require a copy of the registration paper work. As we are a motor vehicle dealer, Smith Broughton Pty Ltd will complete the license transfer.

I had equipment in an auction, when will I receive my sale proceeds?

All sale proceeds are disbursed to your nominated bank account within 21 days of the final sale.

Why does my remittance not have GST on it?

The Buyer that purchased your goods is an Export Buyer that has provided Smith Broughton with a Bill of Lading to prove that the goods have been exported.